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KIPP Believe College Prep Summer School Policies


Greeting Parents,


We are so excited for your student to join us for ongoing learning and enrichment at summer school! Summer school’s start date is June 2, 2021. ` Below you will find policies and procedures that will help make sure we have a smooth and safe program for all staff and students!


School Day

Here at KIPP Believe our school day will begin at 8:15 AM and end at 12:30 PM. Students will be provided breakfast and lunch each day. Khaki Uniform pants are required.  Students are allowed to wear sleeved T-shirts (no holes and no mid drifts). Comfortable Foot wear is allowed.  No sandals or slides 


Arrival & Dismissal

Summer school arrival begins at 8:15 AM and finishes at 8:30 AM. Students arriving after

 8:40 AM are considered tardy. After 8:45 AM students are no longer able to enter the building.


Dismissal begins at 12:15 PM and concludes at 12:30 PM. Students who are not picked up by 12:40 PM are considered late picks ups.


Due to the short day, we cannot currently accommodate early check outs during summer school unless there is an emergency.


Late Pick Up

After 12:40, pick up is considered late for car rider and walker families. Families will be reminded each time they are late that pick-up ends at 12:40. After 3 tardy pickups, students will be removed from summer school, contingent on the amount of time tardy (if tardy time is excessive, it may count as 2 strikes for 1 tardy incident).



Students who are attending summer school as part of promotion to the next grade are only allowed 2 absences.  Absences can result in removal from the program and impact the student’s promotion to the next grade level in the fall. Before the student is removed from the program, the following steps will be taken:

  1. Family will be notified by phone call from the summer school director at the first absence. The call will be documented.
  2. Families will be notified by letter at the second absence that they are at risk of being removed from the program and promotion could be in jeopardy.
  3. At the third absence, the student will be removed from the program. A phone call will be made to the family to inform them of these actions.



Summer school is an opportunity to strengthen the student identity & narrative of the school while having fun in learning.  By providing a joyful, inclusive, and affirming environment during summer school, we can strengthen the relationship between students, their families, and our school community, setting the foundation for a successful school year in the fall. 


Discipline Policy

Here at KBCP we take pride in making sure our students and staff are safe and encouraged to push each other to limits of success.  With this being said, we are strongly implementing the ONE STRIKE RULE. If a student receives an ODR more than once during summer school, they will be asked to stay home for the remainder of the program. Summer school is an opportunity to learn in a lax environment and we trust that our students will come with a respectful attitude to learn and grow with their peers and teachers. We understand that mistakes may happen, but expect our summer school scholars to learn from them and move on making better decisions. 


Attire Policy

ALL students must wear their khaki uniform pants, t-shirts/shirts of their choice are allowed (sleeveless shirts, tank tops, and mid-drifts are not allowed). Tennis shoes/ rubber sole shoes are required.  NO sandals or slides.  Please note our Uniform policy will be strongly enforced. With only three weeks of teaching and learning, we will not have any distractions.  



All students will receive transportation and route information on or before May 31, 2021.